Nemu foto yang berisi percakapan ini di internet. Gue nggak bisa nggak senyum begitu baca. Cerdas. Sangat cerdas. Bacalah, sampai habis. Baca pelan-pelan. Resapi setiap kalimat. Nikmati setiap argumen di gambar ini. Kalian pasti akan takjub, dan tersenyum. :)



Udah selesai baca?


Sama. Gue juga waktu pertama baca kaget.

Bukan karena siswa itu adalah Einstein.

Tapi karena sering gue baca, bahwa Einstein adalah atheis.

Well, apapun itu, gue mengamini kalimat sakti ini:

You’ve got to have faith. Even a little. That’s what keeps you going. :)

23 responses to “Faith”

  1. Sama kagetnya. Banyak yang bilang einstein atheist, begitupun scientist2 lain banyak yang digambarkan atheist. :O

  2. setahu aku even kaum atheist masih percaya akan adanya satu kekuatan yang mengatur kehidupan kok (lupa apa sebutannya) -CMIIW
    atau mungkin Einstein bukan atheist tapi cuma ga menganut agama tertentu aja. IMHO :”>

    • Setau saya, atheist berarti tidak mempercayai adanya Tuhan.

      Ada sebutan lain, yaitu agnostic, yang walaupun tidak memeluk suatu kepercayaan tertentu tapi tetap mempercayai adanya Tuhan, or something bigger that controls life.

      Tidak bermaksud untuk sotoy, please CMIIW.. :)

      Bacaan yang menarik, mau apapun agamanya, tidak ada artinya kalau tidak punya faith :D

      • Selain teis, ateis, agnostic, masih ada juga deis, panteis, antiteis, apateis, dan entah mungkin ada apa lagi.

  3. :) Thanks for sharing Lex.. Gw pernah dalam state itu, fw percaya ada kekuatan yg sangat kuat melingkupi gw, tp gw tdk memasukkan diri gw ke agama apapun.. Maka kl ditanya org, gw jwb ‘Saya belum beragama, tapi tenang, saya berkeTuhanan kok..’. Kikiki. This one is nicely put by Einstein. :)

  4. Bacain ini bikin gw tersenyum2 sendiri di tengah kegalauan gw malam ini krn baru aja balik dr kantor alias lembur.. Apalagi pas kalimat “The link between man & God is faith” ini bikin gw merinding krn gw sbg penganut Kristiani seringkali gw melupakan Tuhan.. So I feel I have no faith..

  5. OOOUuccch deeeeeeeem…. menohooook kakak, You’ve got to have faith. Even a little. That’s what keeps you going *speechless

  6. Saya udah pernah baca sebelumnya, bahkan yang versi Indonesia. Cuman tetep menarik dan selalu membuat tersenyum setelah selesai baca.

  7. betul itu kutipan dr einstein?
    karena konon ada aja yg asal catut nama dalam kutipan2 serupa.
    but above all, yes. it is faith that keeps me going this far :)

  8. I am a little perplexed, as most of the other comments here seem to be in Indonesian whereas the article is in English. This post is an extremely good example of where faith can lead us to all kinds of misleading conclusions. If indeed the event actually occurred exactly the way it is written here, it does not depict a victory of religious faith over science. Indeed, scientists themselves have to have faith in what they believe, but unlike religion the belief should be based upon irrefutable, demonstrable evidence. Einstein was far from infallible. He made blunders in his hypotheses which he later retracted. Just like Charles Darwin’s his ideas were revolutionary at the time they were conceived,- but far from perfect. If the student Einstein had followed his own argument about the professor’s brain, through to a logical conclusion, then it could have been proved beyond doubt that there was a brain inside the professor’s head. The very fact that they were having a lesson from a livig , breathing person was evidence enough without the need to cut open his head to see, touch, feel, smell, or even hear his brain! There are flaws in the arguments on both sides. Radio (electromagnetic) waves cannot be detected by our five senses, yet some sharks can find fish hiding under sand using their ability to detect weak electromagnetic variations. Scientists often have theories which are subjected to tests which attempt to prove or disprove theories. Often the results are inclusive yet the theory may survive. However, I do not believe that there has been one shred of scientific evidence even to suppose that there may be a God. In fact there is extremely irrefutable, demonstrable evidence to support the “theory” of evolution. Scientific theories are frequently adjusted and finely tuned in the light of fresh evidence. The idea of a God is based not on any “theory” but on an unsubstantiated belief in the supernatural, stemming from ignorance, superstition, lack of education and is as Karl Marks described it, as being “the opium of the masses”. Einstein later became sceptical about some conclusions stemming from his Theory of Relativity that were used to create a new science, Quantum Mechanics, which he refused to accept . He famously stated: “God does not play with dice”. As one of his friends said “Albert, stop telling God what to do!”. Many people think that Einstein in fact did not really believe in God as a being at all – but spoke only figurately of God – as a “force of nature”. Regardless of what anyone believes, the facts or the reality will not change. All that changes is the way in which we interpret whatever evidence is available. What Einstein and Darwin did was the same as Sherlock Holmes, used evidence to bring about scientific conclusions. With religion – nobody is even looking for the evidence – it is simply “blind faith”. If religion keeps people happy – that is fine – but this works only within groups of like believers. Unfortunately it is still a cause of much unrest in the world. I do not know of any war being started because of a scientific belief.

  9. Pernah baca cerita ini dalam beberapa versi yang mirip-mirip satu sama lain, tapi divariasiin ceritanya ( ._.)

    pernah baca juga bahwa katanya student di situ bukan Einstein.

  10. gue pernah baca juga…

    gue salah satu orang yang ragu bahwa Einstein Atheis…setelah membaca salah satu buku fisika yg disisipi sebuah kutipan di surat Einstein untuk Eric Gutkind “Science without Religion Is Lame, Religion without Science Is Blind” :)

  11. I have attempted to translate a lot of the above comments from Indonesian into English and I am very interested in the comments made. However, I further believe that Einstein was so clever that he could argue either case depending on who he wanted to humiliate! Therefore, it is wrong to uphold whatever he said at any moment in time as being somethimg he actrually believed. He was perfectly capable of being wrong in what he believed. Above all, he was a brilliant, eccentric, genius. But he certainly did not have all the answers – or even all the questions! It is very odd how he is often held in highest esteem by the non-scientific members of the public who in facr know least about him or what he ACTUALLY believed. I think it is safe to say that there will never be a time – no matter how far in the future – when mankind will know all the answerts – or even all the questions. But in my humble opinion – religion will not help us to find ANY of the solutions. Religion is a form of blindness which makes us unable to see the evidence of how we arrived here which is staring us in our faces.

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