I’m Busy Enjoying My Life, Darling.

So the last few days have been absolutely crazy. I finally know how it feels to be a twitter famous. And let me tell you: it feels hilariously awesome I decided to do this blogpost. Two posts in a week? That’s gotta be something really special going on, right?

It started when I was in Singapore. A friend of mine whatsapped me, asking, “what to do when people talk shit about you?” So I gave this person a lenghty explanation. Apparently it was good enough for her and she thanked me and I think, hey, why don’t I tweet about it? Imagine the retweets count I will get! And I was right. It went viral even though it was tweeted in the dead of the night.

… and so on.

I thought it would be the end of it. But it went on beyond retweets and shit. That tweet exploded and there are, of course, mixed reactions from netizen yang budiman. People are starting to do their own version of the “I’m busy enjoying my life, darling”. And let me tell you, THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY FUNNY. At first I didn’t know about it until my friend told me, hey lex, they’re doing ‘i’m busy with my life, darling’ tweets! You should check this out.

After that, I couldn’t control my laughter. Today, it hit me hard: I should do a ‘recap’ of these hilarious tweets, in a very proper way. So, have a read, and let’s laugh with me!

There are so many ‘i’m busy enjoying my life, darling’ tweets. If you wanna see them, just type on your search button on twitter. While I think they’re hilarious, there are some concerns like this one.

Look. I think nowadays people are more and more easily offended by almost everything. There are a lot of bitter people, keyboard warriors who would do anything piss some strangers on internet, people who think they are the better one if they win an (unimportant) argument (me included, sometimes, when I’m on my asshole mode wkwk), and would be absolutely *win* if their post hurt other. The amount of hate you’d find online is staggering (cue: tab komen artis di IG or YouTube comment section). The fact that people use their time to craft some jokes based on my tweet is elating. Imagine a world where bitter and unhappy people finally realize that life is easier if they would loosen up a bit, and take the “I’m busy enjoying my life, darling” to the fullest. A much happier world, don’t you think?

Some even said that I’m being bullied. Oh, honey. Thank you for your concern but I think I know how being bullied feels like. And right now, I can assure you that I am fine. Life goes on as usual. I still cursed when I bumped my tulang kering ke pinggiran ranjang. I still visit my favorite touchscreen restaurant near my house (omg they open already how cool is that!), I still laugh over receh jokes like some of the above, and I still get paid to do what I love.

So yeah, thank you for participating. I don’t see it as an attempt to “bully” me or “nyinyirin Alex” or whatever people call it. So please don’t stop being hilarious.

And oh, these two good friends know me really well:

15 responses to “I’m Busy Enjoying My Life, Darling.”

  1. Colleague; Mam,what are u doing? why you’re not working?
    Me; Im enjoying my life dear..( while reading your blog) ????

  2. Stalking to @amrazing got me here. :) Just enjoy your life, darling. You definitely don’t need their approval. ?

  3. Waktu baca ini, hal yang ada di kepala gue pertama kali adalah bukan tentang betapa omongan orang bisa nyakitin kita, tapi lebih ke apa yang orang lain udah capai dan gue masih segitu-gitu aja. Which is potentially bisa bikin bete.
    Okay, lemme explain. Study case: lulusan angkatan yang sama, jurusan sama, but hey temen lo kerja di Jepang! Atau he/she got promoted become manager-something in a quite short time. And this kinda question will pop up inside ur mind: LO GIMANA? LO KAPAN?

    Lex, you might not realize, but this “I’m busy enjoying my life, darling” phrase is really into my mind. It was like, lo boleh jadi apa aja, kemana aja, ngapain aja, as long as you enjoy! Dan ke-enjoy-an ini lo dapat bukan dengan nyusahin orang, so please mind ur own business while I’m busy enjoying my life, darling.

    Thank you for the amrazing phrase!

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