Here are several reasons why you don’t need to visit G-Land, Banyuwangi. Of course it’s presented with pictures to convince you. Do not enjoy this post.

It doesn’t care if you’re enjoying sunset at Plengkung Beach, G-Land, Alas Purwo. It will always be there, still awesome with or without you. 20131019_172908

And please don’t go here. This river with mangroves on its sides don’t need you admire its clear water and the blue sky and the clouds. There are some abandon houses on the bank of this river too, creating an ironic and dramatic view.


And yeah, this beach doesn’t need your presence. It will stay as beautiful as usual. The sand will always be soft and tingling. The breeze will always makes everybody smiles, as usual. Its sky is blue not because of you. By the way, do you know there are lots of turtles nesting here? Absolutely not fascinating.20131018_112113

This little dude will find its way into the ocean, without you. So, don’t bother visiting him. And not this dude only, there are thousands of its brothers and sisters. When you see them flipped their fins, wou’ll find that it’s so eye-opening that God has created such beautiful creature, and it is our job to keep them safe and nurture them. But … why am I telling you this story? You’re not interested at all, aren’t you?20131018_113255

The Sadengan Savanna, Alas Purwo, will never lost its magical view just because you’re not here. You’re not that special, by the way. 20131019_102007

And this handsome deer is not looking at you. He’s not longing for you to admire him. 20131019_102752

This peaceful Africa look-alike landscape is filled with peacocks, deers, Javanese bulls, sea-eagles, and other awesome animals and trees and grass and breathtaking view. When I was here, I kept on whispering to myself, Oh, God, someday I wanna visit this place again. And hopefully that someday would be longer than today. And yeah, they don’t need you visiting them. Hooray!20131019_103244


And to convince you not to visit this awesome place, here’s a wider look to the savanna. No, you don’t wanna be here. By the way, an uninteresting fact for you: there’s a place called: Taman Nasional Baluran, the guide told me it’s bigger than Sadengan Savana, with so many visuals that will make you smile instantly. 20131019_104055

A herd of deer and Javanese bull, side by side, eating grass and running around, peacefully. They don’t really care even if you dropped your jaw. 20131019_102121

The Fantastic Pancur Beach at G-Land, Banyuwangi. The algae will always be green. The sky will always be blue. The scenery will always be as amazing as it could be, and no, you don’t need to travel all the way to visit this place. 20131019_133104

Look, the hijab girl was so happy playing on the beach shore. Maybe she was counting how many sands on the beach. Maybe she was murmuring, God, I should visit this place again. Or maybe she came here with her loved ones, or family, and they were all grateful for such fine weather and fine breeze and fine beach. She had a great-great time without you, that’s for sure.


And this family were having the time of their lives without you, too. See the hijab girl in bright purple and yellow-sun outfit? She bowed down and there’s smile on her face, just so you know. 20131019_133740

This awesome beach doesn’t need you to leave your footsteps here, thank you very much.


One more picture from Pancur Beach to assure you… No, you really don’t wanna be here. 20131019_133345

There are so many people said that Parang Item Beach, G-Land, Banyuwangi, is one of the best beach in Java. Of course they don’t need one more opinion from you. 20131019_144900

One of the reasons why Parang Item is one of the best beaches in Java (or even in Indonesia!): it feels like a private beach. But you don’t want that, do you?20131019_144556


Oh, don’t mind the green-red-brown-turquoise-deep blue color presented on the beach here. It has been like that since a long, long time.


I bet you’ve seen beaches like this where you live anyway, so why bother coming here?


The sound of the waves and the ocean breeze and the fresh air of the beach will remain the same not because of you, in case you’re wondering… 20131019_144940

Oh, look at the unique sands. There are only several places in the world where the sands are like this. The locals called it ‘pasir gotri’. But that wouldn’t interest you, would it?


It’s almost sunset in G-Land. The surfers are back to the shore, sipping their drinks, watching the sun sets while sharing laughters. But why do you even bother to look at this incredible picture and the stories?20131019_170857

Of course the man in silhouette is not you. You are not amazed by the view, right?BW842JECAAEEJ6u.jpg-large

… or this one?


The blue hour. After sunset in G-Land. Absolutely not interesting to you. 20131019_171221

This is Tiger Track Beach in the morning. Beginner surfers love to surf here, because its waves are just ‘right’. Not too big, not too small. Of course it’s like private beach everyday with its white sands. But I know you’re not interested in all this. BXBqn0cCcAAM7Ez.jpg-large

The pic is unedited – I didn’t even bother to straighten the horizon – The best thing about you not coming here, the beach won’t get offended. So, yay.


I bet you don’t wanna do fun stuff  like this …


Or get your hands dirty by helping the local planting the mangrove trees like this …


… or take a pic of your feet in this autumn-like ground, like this …



… or feel the cold water of the beach like this …


… or strike a pose in the Sadengan Savanna like this … 20131019_095843

… or get a candid shot with awesome background like this …


… or pretend it’s autumn time, so you lay on the ground covered by falling leaves like this … BW80M_4CcAEtmyD.jpg-large

No, you don’t wanna see this kind of sunset … BW4FXWuCYAAwpkS.jpg-large

… or amazed by the golden rays of the sun, the reflection of the clouds in the still water of the ocean … So.. goodbye!BW8ED4rCEAAWEnw.jpg-large

Thank you, @raja_wisata! The whole Banyuwangi trip was really awesome.

PS: this post is inspired by this brilliant article.