The Girl Who Against The World

This post is for the girl who uses her PMS as an excuse to yell at me … for no reason. Women are crazy like that, I know. Being yelled at so many occasions, I learned a life changing skill: do not engage into a fight when a woman is starting a war. Just listen to what they have to say, do not say anything that might upset them furthermore (this is the trickiest part *smh*), and wait until the tsunami of anger has subsided. In a few days, they will forget the reason why they started the fight. They even will forget what’s the fighting was all about. It sucks. But it will prevent conflicts that you both will regret.

There was one time when we were arguing over something I couldn’t even remember. When things got heated I yelled through the whatsapp chat that i’d die for her in case she haven’t acknowledged that. And I meant it. I still mean it. She is a crappy friend, sometimes. But most of the times, she’s just there. Without having to say a single word. Without doing anything. At all. She’s just there. For me. And that’s enough. Sometimes, you just need your best friend to be there, sitting by your side, feeling the warmth of silence, knowing in the end it will just be alright. Other times we would just mess with each other with our (mine, to be precise) weird and ‘receh’ sense of humor. That’s how our friendship survived.

This post is for the girl who used to think she couldn’t have achieved what she has achieved now. Three major awards as the best scriptwriter and she is still the same person who doesn’t have the ambition to win the world. A girl who thinks she’s still not good enough and that’s what makes her so good. Goddamn good. When I found out she will be the writer of a certain movie, I know the movie would at least have a great story despite the outcome (a movie, is always a team work so it’s highly unfair when you think a movie sucks balls you solely blame the writer). The movie would be in the good hands of a great story teller. That’s her speciality. Telling story is natural for her. Effortlessly good. And yet she flew all the way to Los Angeles to learn from the master.

This post is for the girl who was hurt countless of times. But every time she rises, stronger than before, through her heartbreaks, through her struggles, pain, agony, and sorrow, she rises. She bled but she never stopped. She was hurt but she kept on walking. She was wounded but she knew the wound would heal and she knew she would wear her scars proudly. As a token of her undying fights.

This post is for the girl who’s having her birthday today. A girl who needs to stop using PMS as an excuse to mess with me even though she knows i’d still love her. This post is for my very best friend who chooses to stay humble despite of all the glory. Happy birthday, Jen.

Keep shining. Sunlight. Bersih. Bersinar. Tanpa lemak. CLING. *sorry can’t help not to annoy you. WKWKWK*

5 responses to “The Girl Who Against The World”

  1. Lex, I envy your friendship.
    Somehow I saw the same patterns of great friendships. They contain a lot of fights, but they endure it, because they grow on each other.

  2. Lex, I envy your friendship.
    Somehow I saw the same patterns of great friendships. They contain a lot of fights, but they endure it, because they grow on each other.

  3. Already knew.. Tertuju kepada siapa prolog panjang ini, setelah sampai pada paragrap penulis yang mendapatkan 3x penghargaaan . you described so well, Koh

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