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And so the journey of love continues …


“Yes, Jason. I am pregnant with your child. Or … children!”, said Ivy to Jason. “O … kay, Ivy. I will be a good father … I guess …”

Can I be a good father? Can I …?
photo 3

I don’t know if I will be a good father… Oh, this is so complicated I better …
photo 4

… hide in my usual place! Paper bag! A place where I can think about my future. A place where no one bothers me … uh, 3 (1)


“Yes, honey. Yes …” Jason menghampiri Ivy yang sudah masuk ke plastik lainnya. Me? Well, I snapped at them. “YANG LAGI HAMIL GAK BOLEH MAEN PLASTIK!” And they gave me this evil look. Ugh.

“Ya udah, kalo gak boleh masuk ke kantung plastik atau kantung kertas, mari kita acak-acak kabel di apartemen..” And they did. I had to replaced my iPhone charger … 4 times because of their evil doings. Huft. But, you just can’t be mad at them. I mean, how could you when they looked at you like this?BU6ZT2jCYAAOW71

Ya udah, kalo nggak boleh acak-acak kabel. Mari acak-acak tas! Kalo ketahuan, kasih tampang lucu aja. ^^BU6Y3dmCQAEkjHl

Not long after that … Jason’s sick, so I took him to the Vet. The doctor said, she found blood parasites in his blood. That did not sound good at all. Jason also had a trouble breathing, so the doctor had to give him nebulizer. As the result, his nose turned white. :(BU6bSdoCYAAnb90

Ivy kangen Jason. “Will Jason be home soon?” “Yes, Ivy. He will. Don’t worry.” BU6bYirCQAA4jY3

“YAY YOU’RE HOME! AWAS KALO SAKIT LAGI!” “Maaf, Ivy … I will take care of you.” “Only me?!” “Ups … and our children too! Meow!” “Good husband.”BU6ZuNtCMAAxqiT

As days gone by, perut Ivy makin membesar. Dia juga tambah manja, lebih sering minta dielus, suka menggaruk pintu kamar gue kalau malam, hingga akhirnya, Ivy cuma mau tidur di kamar. :’)BU6cSnYCEAAIP8z

“You’re gonna be a mother soon, Ivy. Are you ready?” “The kittens are not gonna bite me, right?” “Oh, they will. Just like you bit me when you were just a kitten!” “But I did it because I love you!” “Your children will do that because they love you, too.” “Oh … well, I think that’s acceptable.” BU6c31pCAAEBWRT

Namun, Jason kembali sakit, dan kembali harus dirawat oleh dokter. Kali ini, dia terdeteksi terkena pembengkakan ginjal. BU6cdCoCAAAnOnr

Sementara Jason sakit, kehamilan Ivy makin besar. 1 Juni 2013, Ivy terlihat sangat gelisah. Berputar-putar, dan akhirnya dia berbaring di lantai dapur. I knew the time has come. And I started to panic because I didn’t know what to do!! BU6dMN5CUAAofYM

Hello, children. :’) After a big drama where I decided to call the doctor and two paramedics came to my apartment and took Ivy to the Vet’s place, few days later, I get to see these beautiful kittens. I was so happy I burst into tears. Joey, Henrietta, and Daenerys. ^^BU6dYCaCMAAspIS

They are so adorable, aren’t they?

Tentunya harus ada sesi netekin anak-anak, dong! ^^ Good news, Jason is home. So, yay. He gets to see his children! BU6dlDICEAARVHE

“This is my child? And her name is Henrietta?! But she looks like a dude!” “No, Jason, Henrietta is a dudette! The doctor said so!” “Oh, okay. Still looks like a dude to me …” BU6eDJTCMAAGpkA

And he kept on watching his child in wonder. Maybe Jason thought, I am white, and these kids are … oh, well. Still gonna love them anyway …BU6eG9XCIAAMoGj

You’re a good girl, Daenerys. You’re okay. Daddy loves you.BU6eSW5CMAAZeMt

Henrietta, sleeping with Jason. She feels safe and warm. Jason hates the cage. But what wouldn’t a father do for his children? BU6eqYjCQAAN20Q

Okay, kids. I don’t like it when you guys think my body is a mountain you can climb whenever you want to. But … okay. Never mind. Keep going.BU6eceHCMAAKrXk

When they are tired, they’d be like this. BU6dgMUCEAE32V0

Jason is sick again. Kali ini, tambah parah. Ini foto waktu gue kunjungi dia di tempat dia dirawat. He was weak. The Vet told me to be prepared. My heart was broken. BU6fSqvCAAAur6G

Sementara itu, anak-anak Jason dan Ivy tambah besar. This is Joey. We thought he is a she, and turned out it’s a SHE. We’re so sorry, Joey! *kisses*20130622_123948

This is Henrietta. We always thought Henrietta was a girl, until when she was 3 months old, we noticed she has a pair of balls. Ugh. SORRY HENRIETTA. YOU’RE A BOY, NOT A GIRL! *bad, bad, Alex*

This is Daenerys. And yeah, we didn’t make the same stupid mistakes as we did to Henrietta and Joey. Namun … di mana ada kelahiran, selalu ada kematian. This is a fact. A truth I have to accept. 20130622_124511

Jason did not make it. Dia nggak akan bisa melihat anak-anaknya berpose lucu seperti ini …BU6f-mMCMAAEmF5

Bersantai di sofa sambil ngulet dan mengacak-ngacak mainan dan mencakari apa saja dan guling-gulingan seperti ini …BU6e9AwCQAA2s3o

Melihat perut gendut Daenerys yang minta dijilati papanya, seperti ini …BU6ftTjCcAAvpwQ

Jason tak akan bisa berpelukan dengan Ivy lagi, seperti ini …BU6ZuNtCMAAxqiT

Karena tepat pada Idul Fitri 2013, Jason meninggal. He died in my arms. He died when I hold him. He died, knowing there are a lot of people and kittens and Ivy, love him. It was one of the saddest days in my life. Jason was the one who made me happy even when I was sad. Jason was my best friend, and he’s gone. BU6gStsCMAEJtGg

Jason is no longer hurt. He feels pain no more … Goodbye, boy. photo 2 (1)

And Ivy …Well, she has the children. She took a good care of Daenerys, Henrietta, and Joey. The four of them looked happy. They continue to live without Jason. Or that’s what I thought …photo (2)

But many times I saw Ivy doing this. Staring at the city lights …photo (3)

And I often saw her laying alone, even though her children were trying to play with her. It’s like Ivy lost the will to live after Jason’s gone. She’s getting skinnier too. We were worried, so, we took her to the Vet. Shocking news: she had parasites in her blood too, just like Jason. I was so scared. I cried myself to sleep that night. photo (17)

I was so afraid, that I won’t get to see Ivy doing silly stuff like this anymore. I laughed and cried at the same time staring at this pic. Thing that supposed to be funny could make you cry because of the memories it holds. :(photo (14)

I received a text after two weeks Ivy had been admitted to the Vet. Doctor told me Ivy was having a seizures. My heart skipped a beat. Ivy never had any seizures!! Tambah kaget lagi ketika dokter bilang, kemungkinan Ivy kena epilepsi. Beberapa hari berikutnya amat sangat horror. Setiap pagi, Dokter akan mengirimkan SMS tentang perkembangan Ivy. I kept on hoping for a positive, heartwarming text. It was always sad news instead. Tiga hari berturut-turut, Ivy kejang-kejang. Setiap kali mau dicek darah, Ivy selalu kejang di jam yang sama. It’s like the worst nightmare listening to the Doctor’s words.. I wanna see Ivy playing with plastic bag with her child like this …
photo (18)

I wanna see Ivy and Henrietta cuddling like this … 
photo (15)

And I wanna see Ivy hugging Daenerys like this. :( photo (16)

Tanggal 28 Oktober 2013 pagi, Dokter menyampaikan kabar duka. Ivy kembali kejang, koma, dan akhirnya … Ivy berpulang, menyusul suaminya, Jason. I couldn’t even shed a tear. I was devastated, I felt empty. I felt like being punch over and over again until there’s nothing left. All of my emotions were washed away. Later that noon, I cried. I remembered how Ivy annoyed me. How she tore my cables. How she bit my laptop. How she jumped at me while I was sleeping. I wanted her to do the things she did again. And then I realised,  Ivy and Jason are together again, at last. Maybe it’s what Ivy really wants. To be with the love of her life. I shouldn’t be crying because a love is reunited.


Henrietta and Joey hugged each other. Realising they don’t have daddy and mommy anymore …

And Daenerys … well, she hugged her tiger plush doll. We know how much she misses her mother and her father. Well, Henrietta, Daenerys, and Joey, you are not alone. You have us. We will love you, always.BXzDmhfCAAAZuJX.jpg-large

 Selamat jalan, Ivy dan Jason. Anak-anak kalian nggak akan terlalu kesepian. photo (13)

Thank you for your beautiful love story. “Till death do us apart”, that’s how you live your love story. And here’s your happy ending, playing together in cat’s heaven. So long. We love you. photo (12)